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Nova Food Scanner
Step 1

Scan Your Receipt​​

Scan your grocery bill by simply taking a picture with our app. Nova Food will detect the store, grocery items and prices to help you understand more about your food choices.

As you scan more grocery bills, the insights calculated by our algorithm will be more accurate and meaningful.

Nova Food Insight Categories
Step 2

Select a Category​

My Budget

Learn about your spending habits and where you can save money.


See your favorite snacks, your food balance or how much processed food you eat.

Environmental Impact

Discover how much water is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced to make some of your favorite foods.

Checkout These Other Features

More Than a Scanner

recipe book icon
Recipe Recommendations

Get recipe suggestions based on your recent groceries

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Grocery List

Write down what your need so that you have a digital list to use

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Dietary Consultation

Request professional dietary consultation inside our app

Climate Change

Our Vision

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Food Choices and the Environment

As we approach the "point of no return" for climate change, it is important to act now. We believe in helping people make changes by facilitating their access to information on how their food choices affect the environment.

Nova Food's environmetal impact category highlights the most pollutant foods on your groceries to help you understand how you can make a change to help combat Climate Change.

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