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Smart Grocery Shopping

Nova Food is a mobile application aiming to tackle the lack of attention on the impact of people’s food choices. Our app serves as a grocery companion app where grocery shoppers can easily access information about the food they are buying, their spending habits, and how their choices are affecting the environment.

From a picture of your grocery bill, Nova Food scans the items, prices, and stores, then creates easy-to-read information.

Work Together

Join us on our mission to combat climate change by acting now

Easy Access

Organized and Curated information about your food at your fingertips

Our Story, Mission and Values


Nova Food was formed after winning student entrepreneurship competitions hosted by TECHNATION in collaboration with Microsoft Canada, ICUBE UTM, and CGLCC in aim to find solutions to solve problems related to climate change.

We are close to reaching the "point of no return" in terms of climate change and now is the time to change the way we live. With this problem in mind, we decided to find a solution regarding problems related to the pollution involved in food production and consumption.


We believe in a future where everyone can have easy access to information about their grocery choices that may affect their health, environment and financial standing. Our goal is to finally shine a light on smarter food choices as the middleman and serve the public with tools to help them make a change.



We care about handling the data of our users responsibly and safely.

Environmental Consciousness

We are hyper-aware of the environmental situation today and we aim to address the environmental situation effectively and directly.


We try to make all data and information simple to read and digest to save time and effort on the part of the consumer.


We are confident about the future of our planet reaching a healthier and stronger environment, this is something our team strives toward every day.

The Team

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Cody Gonsalves


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Bayan Alsalem


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Thomas Novac


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Justin Soliman


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Rodrigo Akio de Almeida Hisano

Product Manager

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Joud Alsrouji